Clam is our speciality
Maredis offers top choice Ocean Clam in a variety of processing and packaging. We are proud of our quality clam meat and broth. Our food safety standards are second to none.
We use only the highest quality fresh seafood and process it under constant sanitation control, at our state-of-the-art facility, ensuring the best possible production, both in terms of quality and prices. Our commitment is to build a legacy of valuable service and top produce. We respect our unique natural resource and seek every time to treat nature with the care it deserves.

Fresh from the north
Maredis is the only fresh ocean clam production company in Iceland. It is located in Thorshofn on the North-East coast. There, our experienced staff catches and processes fresh clam from the pristine, unpolluted North Atlantic Sea. With our own fishing fleet, our clams are processed fresh from the sea, resulting in the top quality and freshness our customers know us for. Our clam is currently supplied to discerning restaurants, hotels, wholesalers and food producers all over the world.

Nature comes first
We take pride in our Icelandic quality produce and our environment. The seas in which we harvest our clam is of rare purity. The finished product is a clean, tasty, healthy choice of seafood. It is derived from a completely sustainable natural source, one which we treat with consideration, for future generations to enjoy.

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